Saturday, October 8, 2016

Watch "How can Salem Become a Strong Town" on CCTV Channel 21

This is the playback schedule for Strong Towns on channel 21:

Invest 90 minutes with Strong Towns before Wednesday's Third Bridge Hearing

Salem's excellent and indispensable "Breakfast on Bikes" blog does an outstanding job demonstrating that the Sprawl Lobby's strategy is to bury citizen involvement in a mountain of paperwork to prevent citizens from finding and sharing the most important proofs that would show just how foolish is the plan to expand Salem's urban growth boundary to allow further consultant-enriching work on the $500 million (liar's budget) "Salem River Crossing" (a/k/a "Bridgeasaurus Boondogglus").

Watch Chuck Marohn's thoughtful, powerful presentation on CCTV Channel 21:

This is the playback schedule for Strong Towns on channel 21:

Basically, the City has backed a dumptruck of documents up and downloaded them right on the heads of the people of Salem, confident that, with less than a week to review the material, citizens won't be able to find and highlight the many contradictions and failures to comply with the state land use goals and requirements.

A far better use of your time than the mountain of dreck that the city has dumped on us is this video from Wednesday's Strong Towns presentation.

The Sprawl Lobby - the construction firms and developers salivating over the massive spending possible through the project are willing to bankrupt Salem to enrich themselves. They want as few people as possible to hear this message, especially now, while the Bridgeasaurus is still easy to kill.

So watch this powerful presentation and plan to attend Center 50+ on Portland Road on Wednesday to speak up for making Salem a Strong Town and against municipal bankruptcy.