Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump Nominates 'True Enemy' of Public Schools for Education Secretary

Suddenly, folks on the left are realizing that killing the US Dept. Of Ed IS a great idea, even though it's been a constant hope on the far right for decades. 

What America needs is not a cabinet position with Education in the title. What we actually need is a solid research program into what works when and where, like the National Institutes of Health, or maybe under the National Research Council.

We would be so much better off if we got rid of US Dept. Of Ed and used the money to fund research into new models of education and how to make existing educational institutions work better.

So much of what is considered to be "education" problems is actually poverty problems, and now we are going to find out that, while having a corporatist like Arne Duncan is bad enough, having an out-and-out enemy of public education like DeVos in the job is enough to ruin your whole decade.

Standard GOP playbook -- appoint union-busters to head the Department of Labor, appoint people who hate taxes, unions, and public education to head Department of Education, appoint morons who think climate science is "politicized" to head agencies like EPA and NASA.