Tuesday, January 10, 2017

An Important Film on 1/17 as Corporate Orcs Descend on D.C.

One week from tonight:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
at 7 PM
"We The People 2.0"

In spite of the legendary belief that the United States Constitution established a government of, by and for the people, it is the people themselves who have long been struggling to straighten the crooked bough of American law.
We the People 2.0 confronts its viewers with the ravages of environmental damages that corporations have done across America. Alongside documenting grassroots activism, including the kayak flotillas that protested Shell Oil in Seattle, the film focuses on legal challenges presented to corporations by granting rights to ecosystems. Talking heads include the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit that helps small towns draft laws against fracking, factory farming, and water privatization. 

Our documentaries are followed by guest speakers and an audience discussion.

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 Upcoming Film

Tuesday January 17, 2017 * 7 PM 

We The People 2.0

We the People is a visual essay about the loss of democracy in the United States.  The film utilizes both original footage as well as found footage to describe a profound change in thinking at the grassroots level. The story unfolds through the eyes of rural people who have faced decades of toxic dumping, drilling and mining in their communities.  We learn with them that the reason why, in spite of all their efforts, they "get what they don't want, again and again," is because they are, by law, truly powerless in spite of propaganda that says they live in the "best democracy in the world."   These people come to understand that the reason they can't stop the destruction is that the US has become an oligarchy, run by the corporate few who ignore the rights and will of the people.  These people are frontally challenging our corporate state; thereby saving nature and themselves. Thomas Linzey, a nonprofit attorney's inspiring words shows how, we, the people, can turn this around and lay claim to our democracy. This movement is building as you read this, not just in this country but around the world; our film shows how and where it all began. 

Guest speakers:

Ann Kneeland, Environmental and land use attorney, (also in the film)

Ed Dover, Professor of Political Science, 
Western Oregon University

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