Saturday, August 5, 2017

Help Keep Salem's Finest Cultural Venue Alive and Kicking with a Kickstarter Campaign

Salem Cinema is simply the finest cultural venue in town, offering films of great beauty and power that are simply not available to people in thousands and cities and towns in the US - even those much larger than Salem.  Help out with the digital conversion to keep Salem Cinema alive and kicking for at least another 35 years.

Several months ago, Salem Cinema was forced by the film industry to convert from 35mm film projection to fully digital state-of-the-art equipment in all three of our auditoriums. Studios ceased to strike 35mm film prints and in order to keep our doors open, we had to upgrade. This required a huge investment, part of which was met by taking out a sizable loan totaling almost $150,000 on top of our own nearly $50,000 commitment. While corporate multiplexes were subsidized by studios in their upgrades, requiring them to only cover about 25% of the total cost, this was not the case for small, independent cinemas who had to pay 100% of their total upgrades.

Switch to digital projectors imperils some theaters by Judy Keen, USA TODAY

It's now time for us to reach out to our loyal patrons and film lovers and ask that you please share some of this cost.

It means the world to us to know that your lives have been enriched by Salem Cinema over the years and there is nothing we'd love more than to continue to bring outstanding and unique film to our community. In order to do that, we need your help. We have scrimped and scraped and managed to repay the cost of one of the three projectors, but it's been a long, hard road to reach that point.

We've set our immediate goal for $97,560 which is the combined cost of the other two projectors. With this amount, we would be able to pay off the balance of the loan without accruing more interest. Your contribution won't go unappreciated! Not only will we be able to keep doing what we do best, but we have some remarkable rewards to thank you for your incredibly important and always appreciated support... without you, we are nothing!

While we've set some contribution and reward levels, know that you aren't restricted to those dollar amounts...feel free to give any amount. Please remember that with Kickstarter, it's an all-or-nothing challenge. If we don't reach our goal, we won't see a penny.

Please go to to donate today!

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