Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Putting Strong Towns ideas into Practice in Salem: New Meetup Group

If you want to debate or discuss the Strong Towns principles and how they might or might not work in Salem, please go to StrongTowns.org and participate there, and become a member of that group if you care to.

But if you have the vision and you want to do the work to help Salem put down all the Growth Ponzi Scheme plans and become a healthier, stronger, fiscally responsible place, join the new "MeetUp" group, called "Strong Towns: Reviving Our Native Geoconomy (STRONG)" Meetup Group.

With luck, we can come together as a group and activate -- build and execute work plans to localize Strong Towns principles and APPLY them here in Salem, with the long-term goal of having an entire city planning commission and city council who automatically know to "Do the Math" (and know HOW to do the math, and how to find the information needed) in all their decision-making.


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