Friday, May 25, 2018

Beautiful Evidence of an Ugly Predicament

Climate chaos deniers hate being called climate chaos deniers because it echoes "Holocaust Deniers," the term for people who look at the Mt. Everest of evidence and testimony about the Holocaust and try to create doubt about it in order to try to wash away the moral stain of being a person not bothered by the Holocaust.

In other words, calling people who deny climate chaos equivalent to people who are Holocaust Deniers is actually pretty apt.

Of course, there's a vanishingly small chance that the deniers are "right," in the sense that there is some not-understood supernatural force at work that is a stealth climate forcing agent that somehow mimics the effects of all the well-understood climate forcing factors while not being detectable.

But the folks who cling to that notion -- that they are all brave Galileos, while  all the scientists working diligently to warn the world about perils of our present course are all closed-minded groupthink groupies persecuting the embattled Galileos -- are still deniers, because they're not doing science at that point, they're doing religion, appealing to an invisible supernatural force to explain natural phenomena.

That's why they insist so adamantly that people who recognize that humans are driving the climate off the stability cliff are part of a religious cult of "AGW" (anthropogenic global warming") -- because it's always projection with these people, about everything. See, Donald Trump, who unerringly accuses others of what he is doing.